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Valentine's Day - according to TPL

Valentine`s day has never been one of our favorite holidays, whether we're in a relationship or newly single. There seems to be so much pressure surrounding the holiday, almost as bad as finding the perfect New Year`s kiss. 
We wanted to share our thoughts and a few general tips to get you through Valentine`s 17. 
First and foremost, we are super into the whole Galentine`s Day thing. What better way to avoid this annoying stigma than by being with your girlfriends passing around a bottle of rose? So if those are your plans this year, absolutely no shame ! 
 If you have been slaving away at work to get that new promotion or get through finals then this is probably the last thing on your mind. Take the night to relax and appreciate everything you have accomplished this far. I can say from personal experience this is something I put on the back burner. And if your cuddled up in bed with a nice glass of wine, ready to go to bed by 10. You go girl! 
If you are one of the fortunate ones to actually have legit plans, we will start with a congratulations. If your in a relationship these holiday's come and go with ease. But we're here to drop by to give you some helpful reminders. As far as style, we feel less is more. We love the effortlessly chic look. This is crucial on a day that makes us feel like we have to dress for the Grammy's.
If you have a date but your not actually 'dating' the person. Be cautious of the situation. Everyone remembers this scene...
The perfect Valentine's look is to elude that you took no time at all to get ready but end up looking bomb. You know what we mean. Subtle glow, light eyes, mascara and maybe a deep lip. An ideal outfit would be understated sexy. A lace tank under a leather jacket and a pair of killer heels would be our go to. Remember these matte lips are to die for but not ideal on days when your eating, drinking and obvs kissing. 
So go out there & have a great night!
And don't forget to treat yourself  :) 
xo TPL 

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